HybridNeuro Project was part of Science Festival - Creativity Unleashed: Humanization of AI & Robotics

Science Festival "Creativity Unleashed: Humanization of AI & Robotics" took place from 12th April to 24th April 2024 at Tehno Park Celje, Slovenia, with the aim to bring together industry, science, art, and education. With over 3000 visitors of all ages, the science festival provided a dynamic place where attendees had the opportunity to witness cutting-edge prototypes of creative robotics, including industrial robotic arms, humanoid robots and advanced neurotechnology, which were showcased and demonstrated throughout the science festival.

Slovenian president Dr. Nataša Pirc Musar, as the guest of honour, visited the science festival, acknowledging the expertise and developed technology within the HybridNeuro project. In speech, Dr. Musar emphasised the potential that AI and Robotics bring to society while highlighting the importance of ethical and trustworthy use, respecting the values and rights of the people involved.

Events like this offer a valuable opportunity to present hybrid neural interfaces to the general public. In addition to live demonstrations, a lecture entitled »Wonderful World of Muscles and Muscle Interfaces «was presented by Prof. Aleš Holobar.

The gallery of photos from the event is available at https://www.tehnopark.si/festival-robotike_1/Galerija-festivala/.

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