Equal Opportunities for Gender in Science: Integration and Evaluation of the Research Gender Perspective

On 27th March 2024, Dr. Tanja Botić participated in the open national event “Equal opportunities for gender in science”, organised by the newly established NCP for Gender Equality under the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Innovation, Slovenia.

The event presented activities at the EU level related to the integration and evaluation of the gender perspective in the field of research while exchanging views on the challenges and priorities that gender mainstreaming and evaluation represent in the national environment.

HybridNeuro initiatives and activities were presented to the organisers and attendees during the round table. After the event, a short “Policy briefing summarising good practices” was delivered to the NCP.

Programme included:

  • Presentation on the integration and evaluation of gender perspective at the EU level by Sophia Ivarsson, European Research Area Gender Equality Forum, Vinnova Agency, Sweden (online);
  • Presentation of the inclusive evaluation group in the field of research by Dr. Silvia Penati, Inclusive Evaluation Group, Coalition for the Advancement of Research Evaluation, University of Milan (online);
  • Overview of national measures and action plan for gender equality by Dr. Gita Zadnikar, National Contact Point for Gender Equality, Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Innovation; and
  • Round-table: Revision of the evaluation system in the field of research, considering the gender perspective.
A longer description of the event in the Slovene language is available at https://www.gov.si/dogodki/2024-03-27-enake-moznosti-spolov-v-znanosti-vkljucevanje-in-vrednotenje-vidika-spola-na-podrocju-raziskav/

Gender in sciene 1

Gender in sciene 2

Gender in sciene 2