An insight into the future of non-invasive interfaces

Imagine having a third hand that you can control independently. Picture yourself skiing with two hands engaged in skiing activities while the third hand is busy recording your thrilling adventures or typing an email. These may seem like mere fantasies today but may transform into reality in future by means of hybrid neural interfaces and movement augmentation that are being explored in the HybridNeuro project.

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HybridNeuro provides valuable insights into the future of muscle-machine and brain-machine interfaces. We are dedicated to fostering the development of innovative methods and ideas that will empower users to experience improved rehabilitation and movement augmentation techniques in the coming years. Dr. Aleš Holobar, the coordinator of the HybridNeuro project, has outlined the project's objectives and approaches in an article published on the portal. You can read all about it here: link. Dr. Holobar listed numerous examples of the potential applications of these advanced technologies and human-machine interfaces that are being developed and tested by HybridNeuro partners.

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Stay tuned for more updates on our extraordinary journey into the realm of HybridNeuro!

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